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Estudio de diseño Malaga


Design as business strategy

Founded in Málaga in 2007 by Eduardo Cholvis and Lucas López, bRIDA is a brand strategic design studio, perceiving creativity as the strength to power and generate business. We work with different businesses, in our country and abroad, helping define and appreciate the true value of their brands, products or services.

Design as part of business strategy adds up only in one direction, which is building strong and powerful brands. These brands inspire and motivate all company members, defining a business culture and shared ideals within the company. They also seduce and help gain the loyalty of end users.

We believe brands are one of the main assets of a company, they have a direct and quantifiable impact on their business. They also have a story waiting to be told, a more intangible and emotional side. We want to help unearth this story, to be visible and understood. If it does not exist, we work together with our client in order to create and develop it.

Our work is based on a simple thing, functionality. We look for the essential, basic and indispensable elements that we need so our story can be told, regardless the platform. This is our main value, something that, undeniably, defines our own brand essence.

Estudio de diseño Malaga
Entrada principal a nuestro estudio de diseño en el Colegio de Arquitectos de Málaga


Building brands

Branding and brand consultancy

Brand identity

Brand tone and voice


Web design

Interior design


Ephemeral branding



Entrada principal a nuestro estudio de diseño en el Colegio de Arquitectos de Málaga
Lucas López y Eduardo Cholvis trabajando en un proyecto de diseño gráfico en Málaga
Exterior y entorno de nuestro estudio en Málaga
Pavo real en los jardines del Colegio de Arquitectos de Málaga
Estudio de diseño gráfico