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bRIDA Reel 2017

Hand in hand to build together

Nowadays everything changes and evolves at a very fast pace, so fast that sometimes we are not aware of it. Being able to adapt to this new reality has a lot to do with creativity, curiosity and need for innovation. It is about going further and never staying behind, not to conform, seeing what others cannot and embracing new challenges. Our way to face this challenge is called strategic design, allowing a better understanding of the brands and the creative process behind the building and managing of the brands, from a functional and methodological point of view. This approach means that nothing we do is unintentional, there is always a reason to do it. We talk about objectives and strategies, goals and processes. However, none of this would be of any value without the addition of some emotion and intuition, which is precisely what makes our work more interesting. Building brands with a clear and structured sense is the only way we know to see our efforts rewarded, making sure that every effort, regardless the chosen platform, adds up in the right direction. Therefore, it is essential to establish long-term relationships, make commitments and work together; this is what we call going hand in hand with our clients. We talk about developing value-adding strategies and creative solutions, bringing together business and creativity, design and strategy.

Estudio de Diseño Málaga - bRIDA

From research to knowledge


The foundation for building solid brands

Alejandra Jerez diseñando estrategias de marca para uno de nuestros trabajos

Making visible the intangible, a process of creation

Alejandro Cruz y Javi Medialdea trabajando en bRIDA
Somos especialistas en diseño estratégico de marca

Developing a unique and meaningful experience


Being informed about the company, product or service is essential to develop strategies yielding good results. An immersion and breakthrough process is carried out, allowing us to precisely understand the reality of the brand, product or service.  Only with a thorough analysis of the project, industry and competitors, and listening to our client, we will reach the level of knowledge that must be the foundation for a good strategy. We call this first step “brand therapy”, because it is related to psychoanalysis, and some concepts are addressed during this step that are rarely considered by our clients.



All strategic process must answer some a priori questions. Only by asking the right questions we will have the chance to get relevant answers. We establish the foundation to build a strong brand, allowing us to define its essence, existence, the story behind it, values, perception by different end users or what it stands for. Solving all these questions involves an essential part of the project, these are the foundations supporting the structure of the brand.



Both verbal and visual identity will materialize the essence of the brand, making it visible and tangible. Any decision in this regard must be supported by a previous strategic plan, from its conclusions and decisions. Building over solid foundations, following a masterplan: that is our way to understand design. Everything must be the answer to something, must have a reason supporting it.



Brands are alive, they grow and interact with the environment creating their own ecosystem.  Every time there is chance of contact with the audience, both physically and digitally, the brand must deliver what has promised, offering a uniform and consistent experience with everything it represents. Here, the expression “hand in hand with the client” makes sense, brands must be looked after to keep their essence and their added value.