From Salvago to Adlanto, the transformation of a brand with a transatlantic spirit.


Salvago is a company with over 30 years’ experience specializing in the management of real estate assets. In 2020 the firm decided to take a step in a new direction and rethink its brand as a key strategic resource. The decision was fueled by changes in the market, the company’s strong international presence, and a need to position itself differently in a global environment.

bRIDA was part of this transformative process, and developed an overarching brand creation project for the company. We fully analyzed the different market scenarios in which it operates, then established a brand platform and defined a new denominator and visual identity in keeping with the brand’s positioning.

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The new brand needed to unite four unique circumstances, each with its own distinctive features, under the same concept and set of values. Our idea remained focused around a brand that would be global yet sensitive to local variations, capable of connecting and understanding different cultures.

We also needed to establish the pillars on which to base the brand: experience and solvency, commitment, value creation and ambition. These would be the strategic assets on which to base a proposal that would allow the company to connect with its main audiences, both investors and owners.

The company’s renaming was one of the most significant challenges we faced during the project. We knew from experience that it is not easy to make a major change in an organization with such a long history. After discussing several options, the name ADLANTO was chosen, a neologism that fuses two key ideas: adlátere (alongside) and Atlántico (as a connecting space).

The tagline defines the company’s activity and stands as a statement of intent. It sets out its medium-term vision as a market reference in the countries where it operates.

Once the name was chosen, we used the brand platform to develop ADLANTO’s new graphic identity and a visual system to match its strategic approach. This identity had to meet the initial challenge in a unique and unambiguous way, unifying a single vision around the brand. Challenge and precision were two basic concepts that we took as a source of inspiration when generating the brand’s narrative and graphics.

One object that inspired us was the wristwatch, whose precision, safety and solidness were qualities it shared with ADLANTO. We used this image to design the logo: wristwatches display reassuring and timeless typographies that are unaffected by changing designs trends. The brand’s universe was completed using a topographical map as a guide, and a selection of photographs linking the world of nature and adventure with the company’s world.

We also designed and proposed a detailed migration plan, setting out the phases and priorities that needed to be observed in order to properly implement the new brand in the various points of contact.


« This was an exciting challenge that took us through the process of transformation we needed to keep growing, evolving and adapting to the new era. »
– Nacho Moreno, Director of Operations at ADLANTO