Facing a rebranding exercise for a company with more than 30 years of experience is always a challenge. In this case, in addition, there was a need to change the name of the company itself to emphasize that idea of ​​renewal, of profound change from which to approach a new journey. It was a fundamental requirement that the new denominator reflect the international character of the Salvago brand and its presence on both shores of the Atlantic Ocean: Spain, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.

The objective was to reformulate a brand that spoke emphatically of those assets and attributes that had positioned it throughout its 3 decades of existence but in a contemporary context and to do so through codes of the highest standards in its own category. In short, refresh their brand narrative to remain relevant today and also in the future.

The project was approached from an exhaustive knowledge of the company, its history, its founding idea and its evolution over time. Thus entering the core of the business to understand well the profile of investors, the type of projects and the services offered by the company. From there, an analysis of the sector was carried out, and of the company itself, which allowed us to draw up a strategy according to its specific needs in the current market environment.

A company like Salvago, which treasured a great experience, offered us a solid base on which to build and establish a territory and a differential positioning from which the whole strategy was proposed. Once the ADLANTO brand platform was defined, an identity was developed, both visual and verbal, capable of responding in a coherent way to the tactical approach and to its different needs based on the different points of interaction with its audiences.

The project continued with the development of a series of specific activations, from the creation of the website and a corporate brochure, to the design of project reports and different corporate applications.