Aguas de Torremolinos

Strategic design

Brand in motion

Aguas de Torremolinos is the new brand for the hydric resources managing company in Torremolinos village. This environment sector company provides an efficient operation of all the steps involved in the integral cycle of water, from collection and treatment to distribution and sewage. Its identity features are technological innovation and a rigorous management of knowledge, together with a strong commitment with economic and social development of the town. Guided by a detailed strategic vision, the brand decides to renew their image as part of a global project. A process of modernization involving a new name and a total change of image and facilities. Our work was developing its identity and brand implementation in the new offices and signs.

Aguas de Torremolinos - App


Protection and preservation of hydric resources as key elements of the company led us to un unusual starting point approaching the project. Water resources seen as treasures, maternal protection as the image of caring for the most valuable, the seed of life. This led us to creating an isotype charged with symbolism, where all those concepts converge. Both the colour and the gradients contribute to the figurative element, in contrast with the synthetic aspect of form.



Transferring brand values and image to user experience at customer service offices was an important part of the project. Signing and graphic adaptation was carried out in coordination with the architecture and renovation team. The space, the flow of visitors, signs and labelling of all areas were designed.