Attisholz Wonderland

Projecting the new identity of a show full of light and color.

Visual Identity

In recent years, brownfield sites have been the focus of government-sponsored projects to restore buildings and boost the surrounding area. The new Uferpark near the town of Solothurn, Switzerland, has been redesigned around the former Attisholz cellulose factory dating from 1881. The new site is intended as a public meeting place to enjoy nature, art and gastronomy.

The challenge was to create a visual identity for one of the artistic attractions on offer at the Attisholz factory: an immersive art show consisting of light projections and 3D mapping.

A brand full of light and color.


We structured the project’s core around three key elements that make up the immersive experience of Attisholz: light, plane and color.

The walls of the disused factory became the screens of the visual experience where the animations are projected. We then generated colorful planes that form a dynamic framework, with shapes and colors that shift depending on the show being projected.

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