Bass Houses

Strategic design

Web development

The first time we were told about ecological building houses we did what probably 80% of the population would have done, wrongly thinking of cabins. This is not uncommon, given how little it is known in our country about this building system, broadly present in other countries. Our prejudices blinded us, and when the people from BASS told us what they were doing we had to admit how little we knew about the matter and how much there was to learn.

Their ecological house concept is revolutionary. Design and features of their houses match a luxury dwelling in form, but deep down the building system is diametrically opposed. The place where the house is located, what natural resources are present, foundation and use of natural organic materials are some of the things making these houses more respectful to the environment and the health and wellness of their inhabitants.

BASS contacted us to develop their brand and help them transmit all they stand for. They were looking for a visual identity able to reflect a high-standing and innovative product, targeted to a special section of the population, people with high purchasing power and committed to the environment.


Understanding the product and its competitors becoming experts on the matter. Our client provided information and reports, leaving research and analysis for us. Conclusions were clarifying, setting the starting point for a solidly founded strategic development. Competitors were analysed, the market and insights were studied to have a good knowledge of where and how to compete.



Values and attitudes were defined, an ideal target was identified, developing the strategy around it. Individuals with a new sensitivity, capable of appreciating a product with these characteristics. Functionality, design, environment, conscience and a touch of flippancy, these were some of the ingredients for this new way to understand the world.

The Mediterranean Sea as a state of mind, a melting pot of concepts such as high life standard, family, warmth, tradition and architectural functionality, was another explored path to build the brand. Design and made to order concepts also were in the equation.



Our challenge was to create a visual identity that could tell about a little-known product, with a tendency to generate confusion. We were certain of where we had to be, brands we wanted to be associated with, and brands we did not. We worked with specific visual codes to build a brand universe of its own, distinguishing.



As a key part of the brand implementation process, the company’s corporate website was developed, with a significant work of management and creation of contents. The website exudes the same principles that build up the brand, containing company developed projects. Other promotional material was created too, besides an intervention in the company’s Marbella showroom.