More than just a space for buying and selling. Creating a brand with contemporary values.

Brand Activation

Beneko was created as a new marketplace concept based on a leasing model offering a curated selection of tech products at competitive prices. One of the standout features of this business concept is its focus on sustainability as a key selling point.

Its value proposition was centered on its offer of a unique shopping experience, which does not end at the moment of purchase but continues until the product is returned. Beneko stablishes and fosters long-term relationships with its users. We have supported the company in developing its brand strategy, aligning its assets with a clear, unique market positioning.

We are doers, We are shapers. We transform cultural trends into action.

We are people, not numbers. And we expect brands to be built by people too.

We want our choices to define us and we’ve got a choice to make: Keep moving forward, or go back.

We choose forward

Endorsing quality

We organize ideas, establish hierarchies and distinguish between what is superfluous and what is important. This is how we approach every brand development project. With Beneko, the process allowed us to lay the foundations on which to build a well-argued narrative.

Good for your wallet good for the planet.

A better way of doing

We believe in long term relationships

Values matter

By setting out its values, a company gives people a clear idea of what it stands for. For this project, those values lay at the very heart of the business.

Working closely with the Beneko team, we established a series of key assets that would define the company’s behavior and actions as a brand: respect for people and the planet; action as a driver of change; care and loyalty; leading by example.

An idea, a key concept

A new form of consumption to generate a positive impact on our environment. Offering alternatives to a model that is increasingly showing clear signs of exhaustion.

Beneko derives its meaning and raison d’être from presenting another way of doing things. This involves giving consumers control so that they take responsibility for their own actions and are aware of the impact they are having.


Another way to consume for
a better world.

A unique language

We used a well-defined strategic approach to set the brand’s tone of voice. To do so, we drew up a series of guidelines and rules for the specific language Beneko would use, and we made the brand’s value proposition clear in a tagline: Choose forward.

Visual development

This meant translating the brand’s inner world into images and visual codes, and establishing a solid visual identity in line with the aesthetic parameters of a very well-defined public. The key to this phase was communicating the idea of change, constant movement, dynamism and illusion, all of which are core features of Beneko’s DNA.