Rebranding for a meat company specialized in sheep meat and goat meat.


Coviher is a Malaga-based company specialized in the production and international distribution of sheep meat and goat meat. It is a traditional, family-run business. Since 2003 it has had the vision, capacity and boldness to develop a project that takes the company beyond its natural growth area in order to seek new markets and opportunities. The team at bRIDA has helped the firm to plan the strategic repositioning of its brand and redesign its identity.

Coviher has moved beyond its own business model. The company believes in enhancing the rural space as a source of prosperity and wealth creation, and in preserving lifestyles and ancient trades. The numerous trades, traditions and lifestyles that coexist in this ecosystem are beneficial to the surrounding area, and not only in economic terms. We realized that this should be highlighted as a narrative that would stand as the brand’s foundation.

Somos nuestros pastores, nuestra gente, nuestra tierra.

Connecting tradition and origin with innovation and a global mindset.

Por eso hablamos como somos, porque así hacemos las cosas.


Control and commitment from the outset

We needed to shift public perception of Coviher from a family business to an international firm working with local suppliers. The brand’s very essence lay in preserving that vital link with the local region, the surrounding area and the families and workers who make up Coviher.

We wanted to combine their local spirit and attachment to the land and rural environment with the idea of a global company competing in international markets. The company knew it needed a strong presence and solid narrative in a highly competitive sector – dominated by major players like Australia and New Zealand – in order to meet very specific social and environmental challenges in the medium and long term.

Boosting the rural environment

We needed to build a unique story for the brand based on its history and assets in a chiefly B2B sector, but in a B2C tone. By speaking directly to consumers as potential clients, the brand could position itself as the endorser not just of a product but also a lifestyle and set of values. We were then able to build a narrative that speaks to all audiences and members of society by highlighting Coviher’s role in boosting the rural environment.

We examined the company’s history and assets and established its raison d’être, beyond any economic motivations. The brand’s potential lay in its very activity, and was a rich source of inspiration for the brand’s new identity.

A contemporary brand with its eyes on the future

Based on Coviher’s attachment to the land and its people, to tradition and shepherding culture, we developed an identity that communicated honesty, origin, transparency and authenticity.

We created a contemporary brand that looks to the future without forgetting its past. We paid homage to the values of the land, countryside and shepherds. We gave the company a personal identity that represents all the people who make up Coviher with their different histories and lives.