Lagardere Active Shopping

Lagardère Active Shopping

Motion graphic

Web design

Lagardère Active Shopping is a new division within one of the most important communication companies in France. It is an e-commerce platform operating through three different websites: ELLE, Shopcade, and Public. It is based on the combination of editorial projects and online sale, providing the brands with a high conversion rate and a targeted distribution aided by specific publications, with exceptional traffic volumes and notoriety levels.
This project needed commercial and communication material to be used for the introduction of this concept to brands and future collaborators. Fully aware of this need, they contacted us, developing a video and a corporate website promoting the platform. The advantages of the platform are detailed through data visualization; an image of exclusivity, sophistication and technology is also projected in both works.

Lagardere Active Shopping
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Lagardere Active Shopping diseño web by bRIDA