A long-standing relationship

Brand Restyling
Brand Activation
Art Direction

Lumon is a pioneering Finnish multinational company specialized in the sale, manufacture and installation of glass curtains for terraces and porches. Over the years, the firm has developed a totally revolutionary concept based on the use of open spaces in the home. It is a global frontrunner in a product category in which the company’s name is the leading reference.

Our relationship with Lumon began in 2011, and since then we have worked together on a variety of projects with very different scopes and goals. These have ranged from creating campaigns and generating brand content for different platforms, to developing product line identities and designing specific materials for different client profiles. In 2018, we were given the task of updating the brand’s global visual identity, which provided an excellent opportunity to reframe Lumon’s expression across all its touchpoints, particularly in the digital environment.

Redefining the brand’s visual system.


Operating a brand internationally – where teams from different countries, agencies or departments use the brand’s identity on a daily basis and in a wide variety of formats and media – can lead to consistency issues over the long term. It was vital to identify these areas for improvement in order to tackle a project of this scope.

In the analysis phase, we carried out a visual audit that allowed us to make a detailed diagnosis of the state of the brand and its implementation at the different touchpoints. From there, we proposed a new branding system that would standardize the brand’s use under a series of master guidelines set out in a single style manual for all countries.

A unified approach

Differentiation. We had to try to keep the brand’s identity easily recognizable. Coherence. The brand’s DNA is what makes it unique, and this had to be unambiguously reflected in its identity. Consistency. The same visual language had to be found at all touchpoints, but it needed to be flexible and able to adapt to the different environments.

The process led us to reinterpret Lumon’s visual identity and its main graphic resources. This allowed the brand to evolve without sacrificing its original character. This was always a basic requirement for the client.

Brand Product


After more than 40 years developing and perfecting its various glass curtain systems for porches and terraces, Lumon was facing a fundamental challenge: unifying the production of all its systems into a single model. This profound change would impact all the company’s departments, from production to marketing. This new approach aimed to increase efficiency and reduce the firm’s carbon footprint. With these factors in mind, we helped to develop a communication action plan, both internally and externally, designing a campaign and working together on the launch strategy.


Another important milestone was the standardization – both visually and in terms of nomenclature – of the different products that the company offers: glass curtains, railings, blinds and rooves. A system was needed that would enable the different ranges to be visually identified, while allowing their names to be adapted the different languages of the countries where the company has offices. We developed a flexible but simple visual system, which allowed us to integrate the brand identity and the new product categorization consistently for all countries and media.

Brand Content


Content generation for different projects and environments has been a constant in all our work with Lumon. We have developed editorial content, such as consumer magazines, audiovisuals, guides for professionals and online content designed to boost the company’s inbound marketing strategy.