Publishing design

We have been working with Lumon for a long time. A long-term relationship has been established with this Finnish multinational, market leader in balcony glass and glass terrace systems manufacturing, based on a close collaboration with their marketing department in Spain. We started with one commission, there was a connection and we have been working together ever since.
This collaboration has been materialized in several projects, mainly linked to brand activation through their points of contact. Publishing design, advertising, audiovisual production, stand design and other promotional actions. An extensive body of work along the years, where we have had the chance to develop a variety of formats and supports leading to brand awareness and positioning in our country.


Lumon offers a series of products aimed to satisfy the needs of different customers. Private owners of terraces and balconies: or professionals, such as architects, contractors, restaurant owners. This segmentation demands different levels of communication for the brand.

Such is the case of the dossier we developed for architects. The document included all the technical information about the product. Aware of these professionals’ high level of exigency, we created a format different to the usual catalogue, a special object to be placed and kept along other architecture publications. The treatment of the subject was to be taken with extreme care and attention to aesthetics, in order to achieve a connection with the sensitivity of these professionals.



We worked with Lumon creating two publications.: “Mi terraza” and “Mi porche”. This promotional material included an interesting and attractive content for a particular target, private owners of terraces and porches.

These publications showcased the possibilities of these privileged spaces through a specific publication working as a guide and inspiration source for those owners who do not take advantage of their potential, with interior design tips, architecture and urbanism articles, and relevant features aiming to connect the brand with their customers.

Our work consisted in publication design and layout, developing the content, and also art direction and production of all the visual content.