Strategic design


Southern Spanish Fine Foods is a company dedicated to source quality local produce, mainly in Andalusia, to sell them globally, with a tasteful image.

In this case they were ready to launch organic olive oil, so development of identity, both verbal and visual, was necessary, plus implementation in packaging and some communication platforms, both off and online. This is mainly an export product, for a demanding and design-oriented customer. One target with two types of audience, end customers and distributors.

Our client was very clear about the main assets building their differentiating value, namely brand design and packaging. Also, telling an inspiring story about the product, to establish an emotional tie with consumers.


There is a fact that draws attention about Spanish olive oil. Despite being the world’s first producer, it is not internationally recognised. With Italy and Greece as flagships, sometimes using Spanish oil, theirs is the market. So, our goal was to stand out with a quality product but also with a strong image able to compete abroad, claiming origin as a differentiating value.



Finding a name is never easy, and after trying and rejecting many options we came up with one that met all the requirements established during the briefing. The millstone or “molea olearia” was used by Romans to extract oil from olives. Moleá plays with this word, putting an accent on the last letter, providing a typically Spanish feature, hence closer to our culture.



Visual identity and packaging went hand in hand in this case. The main implementation was the bottle itself. Several options were considered until the right one was chosen for this type of product and the image we wanted to project. Different coatings and finishes were also studied.

Regarding graphics, the solution came from a top-down view of an olive yard, working out a pattern representing the layout, both ordered and chaotic, generated by this crop. The spots represent the trees, irregular and spontaneous. Despite the downsizing and simplification of the picture, we intended to keep a certain organic and imperfect look. The chosen typography provides the order and structure lacking in the main pattern, as an elegant counterpoint.