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Projektil is one of the first international projects by bRIDA. It is a swiss collective of artists and creatives specialized in creating audio-visual experiences and spaces. Its main goal is combining art, innovation and new technologies resulting in unique and memorable experiences.

In 2016 they decided to go further, evolve and become a company with a broad offer of audio-visual services. The need to rethink its identity came up, evolving towards a commercial approach that allows them to work in a broader and more competitive world.

Uriversum vimeo play


Innovation was the element that caught our attention, becoming the pivotal point of the visual identity project. Led, as a perfect synthesis of image reproduction, gave us the opportunity to build a simple but symbol-charged image. On the other hand, we thought it would be interesting to point out the origin of the brand, Switzerland, as a positive message generator for the brand, a serious and solvent company with a breaking and disruptive offer, ready to compete with companies all over Europe. With all these ingredients and a reference to anaglyph images in the chromatic choice, we built its own differentiating visual language.