Advertising campaign

Motion graphic

We carry out a similar process for a branding project and an advertising campaign. It is necessary to start from a thorough knowledge of the business model and their starting situation, so we can propose solutions to strategically face and solve a problem. This is how we approached the campaign we did for the Citizen Information Office (Málaga City Council), giving solutions for specific communication needs, using creativity as a tool.

It was essential to understand the requirements of this campaign, so a complex approach could be reduced to a simple and accessible concept. We basically had to talk about the modernization process that the Citizen Information Office of the City Council is going through, in terms of technology, along with the rest of society; to show a concerned and proactive administration willing to give solutions to citizens demanding new ways to connect with their local government. Effectiveness, speed, simplification and participation are the key base elements for this new model of intelligent administration.

SAIC Cartel en parada de autobus
SAIC Cartel en parada de autobus
SAIC Cartel en marquesina
Folleto SAIC



The City Council strategy for implementing this new model of administration starts with installing citizen information points where all kinds of queries and procedures can be processed. Bearing this in mind, our campaign would be based on these strategic elements: effectiveness, standardisation, customer proximity and personalized service. The dot (both dot and point translate as “punto” in Spanish) as a graphic symbol of this service in physical and virtual spaces was justified, offering a chance to utilize a simple and strong creative concept for developing several messages. This is where the saying “es un punto” (it’s cool) makes sense, stating that having an intelligent administration is good.



Voice tone used by administration to communicate with citizens was a key aspect for credibility of the campaign. With concepts such as proximity, participation and support, a direct and colloquial tone had to be used, far from the idea of an archaic and one-way administration. We wanted to showcase a different way, another time, a modern and connected society, used to working with other codes, demanding a horizontal and personalized service.



Creative concept had to be coherent with graphic development. Representing the basic citizen information point unit with a dot as a basic graphic element, helped us strength the articulating concept for the campaign. This resource, together with strong messages and bold colours backgrounds are the graphic elements of the approach. A minimalistic and iconic style, where graphic simplification is the vehicle transmitting the message, joining form and substance.



Campaign was developed on different supports, both physical and digital. Mupis were carried out along the city, explanatory brochures for citizen information offices, a microsite, and a series of motion graphics pieces to be projected on different supports and public spaces.