A journey through Andalusia. Exploring the past, finding the present.


South is a project rooted in the desire to capture the essence of Andalusia in a seasonal publication aimed at the region’s luxury tourism circles. It is the professional and also personal project of photographer Daniel Alea, who travels to all corners of southern Spain to capture scenes, characters and projects that deserve a voice.

South magazine aims to rediscover tradition and popular culture from a new perspective: a quieter gaze for a calmer tourist. The paradigm has shifted. Luxury is no longer found only in five-star resorts: it lies in knowing how to search and how to find; in gaining first-hand experience of the culture and traditions that make every corner of Andalusia unique.

Knowing the project’s quality and target audience, we wanted to give the magazine a classic look and feel in its typography, but with a contemporary use of color. We decided on classic typefaces for the editorial formats: Miller Display by Matthew Carter for headlines, and Optima by Hermann Zapf for body text.

The south has a unique color.

Gastronomy and art are two of the main subjects that make up the content of South magazine, and the prominent use of color in Daniel Alea’s photographs contrasts and complements the large typographic compositions of the interview quotes featured.