Trazacaminos zapatillas de running by bRIDA


Strategic brand design

Interior design

It is not very often that the opportunity to work on a project with such a deep connection arises. Such is the case of the development of this brand, a trail running label founded in Málaga that comprises a shop, a club and a technical apparel line.
This project is very special, because of our involvement since its genesis. Being lovers of nature and outdoors sports, and fully aware of the high potential for practicing these activities in the province of Málaga, we immediately felt this was a very interesting initiative, with a lot of potential in its development.
We started up a strategic design process that translated into the development of the brand platform, creation of their visual identity and its implementation on the retail space, and design of sport equipment and other promotional support.

Trazacaminos marca sobre montaña by bRIDA
Trazacaminos diseño de mupi by bRIDA
Trazacaminos diseño web by bRIDA
Trazacaminos textura by bRIDA
Runner con camiseta de Trazacaminos by bRIDA
Trazacaminos detalle tienda by bRIDA
Trazacaminos tienda by bRIDA
Trazacaminos interior tienda by bRIDA
Trazacaminos interior tienda by bRIDA
Trazacaminos exterior tienda by bRIDA

We built the brand from its foundations, with a deep knowledge of the sport supported by insights from runners. That is how we presented a platform to grow and develop the brand, with a solid structure and powerful and differentiating concepts.

The essence of the brand is not about selling or manufacturing sport equipment, not even the club, it is the ability to inspire stories of self-improvement and discovery. This may seem far from its purpose as a company, but this vision determines their marketing strategy. Being able to become a trip companion for those embarking in these activities regardless of how skilled you are. Giving advice and motivation to build a community with a common passion: sports and nature.

The main contact point of the brand would undoubtfully be the shop, with the user experience in this space as the key element in the strategic process. The shop, being the flagship of the brand, ought to be able to transmit a strong and unique statement and personality.



Being fully aware of the singularity of this project, we opted for an identity uncommon to the usual options for this field. We felt the brand had to reflect spontaneity and difference, with a pinch of madness and challenge. The Iberian mountain goat summarised all these aspects in a recognisable and strong symbol, highlighting the place of origin as a brand value.

In a world full of gaudy colours and usually strident visual codes, our chromatic choice was another statement. Black was a perfect way to reveal the unique personality of the brand.



Working together with Trazacaminos offered us the opportunity to do something we specially like, collaborating with likeminded professionals creating integral projects where the essence of the brand is present in each activation point. In this case we worked with the architect José Luis Muñoz, from Granada, who conceived the interior design and a functional and versatile furniture totally in line with the spirit we had defined.

Architecturally, the retail space is quite singular. Located in a rehabilitated old building, imposing brick walls stand out, suggesting a subtle and little invasive intervention. A contained but effective solution.
Implementation of the brand in the shop and design of sport equipment both for the shop and the club, digital apps and promotional material