Bringing the art gallery into the digital world.


The Yusto/Giner gallery is an industrial space dedicated to national and international contemporary art. It offers a renewed vision of contemporary art. As well as hosting temporary exhibitions, it represents numerous artists, such as Javier Calleja, Ángeles Agrela and Yuko Murata.

We were commissioned to design and develop its new website, adding new functionalities and objectives to place it on a par with other major well-known galleries.

Strategy and digital design

We had two objectives for the website. First, it needed to reflect everything that the gallery contains, from the exhibitions it organizes to information on the artists it represents (biography, works, previous exhibitions). Second, we wanted to make it more user-friendly for people interested in acquiring a work of art.

Establishing the structure through the user

To achieve our objectives, we studied two buyer personas with an ideal customer journey. This enabled us to identify the most important pages and the number of interactions that the user had to make to reach the desired outcome.

Incorporating the pages that the client had proposed initially, we then established a web architecture on which we would begin to develop the wireframes.

Transforming a design into a website

Once we had decided on the structure, we began working on the high definition prototype, in which we determined the look and feel of the website as a whole.

We chose a clear and simple design that would give prominence to the images of the works exhibited in the gallery. For this, we used white, grey and black tones together with the corporate color to bring contrast, and an easy-to-read sans-serif typography (Manrope).